Stella & Dot Trunk Shows

I always have so many people ask…what does it mean to host a trunk show? And in so many ways, that’s such a hard question to answer! Not because the answer is difficult and the task of hosting is hard, but because it’s so hard to explain to a hostess how AWESOME it is to host a show! I feel like people have this misconceived idea that hosting a show means you’re locked into something or you’re going to be “that friend” that invites you to a girls’ night with wine, punch, a plate of goodies, and good conversations (wait a minute…that doesn’t sound so bad, huh ūüėČ ?!). But I promise you…hosting a show means these things:

1) You invite some of your girlfriends over for a fun night! You get to catch up, share stories again, drink your favorite drinks, snack on your favorite snacks, introduce each other to new friends, and oh yeah! shop from my Stella & Dot display!

2) At the end of the night, you get SHOWERED in hostess rewards. Most hostesses receive $250+ in free jewelry and bags plus 4 items half off! Literally, it’s the easiest way to reward yourself in free accessories for really just doing something that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time…HANG OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!

So before I tried to answer that question again, I did a little photoshoot to give you an idea of how fun getting styled with your girlfriends really is! Take a peek and let me know what you think….oh and ps – if you see anything you just HAVE TO HAVE…let me know! I can hook you up (or I can help you get it for free, too! ;))




See?!?! Doesn’t that look like fun and super low-key? I promise you…hosting a show isn’t scary; it isn’t overwhelming, and it IS a great night with your friends! Contact me if you want to host a show, or if this job seems super fun to you (believe me…it is!) let me know! I’d love to help you begin a new job that is flexible, easy to earn money with, and of course…comes with AWESOME FREE JEWELS!




When God Used Makeup…

I’ve been planning, writing, re-writing, deleting, and editing this post for over two months now.

In case you didn’t know, I majored in English when I was in school, and I always loved creative writing. Sometimes, I dream about short stories, children’ books, and professional essays that I would like to write one day. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, jot down my thoughts, and ponder on what it would be like to actually publish those ideas. This blog post is one I dreamed of a long time ago, but I never allowed myself to put it to paper because I never knew the way I would put what I truly meant into words.

On February 14th, my preacher, Taylor Sandlin, gave a sermon titled “Never be Put to Shame.” He focused on Romans 10: 8-13, but verses 11-13 truly stood out to me.

“For whoever believes in Him will never be put to shame. For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile — the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all¬†who call on Him. For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

After hearing this sermon and crying tenderly in my closet by myself while my children slept a few hours later, I knew that God was calling me to write this story and share why makeup saved my life.

Okay, I know that saying “makeup saved my life” sounds so crazy and shallow and lame and self-centered and COMPLETELY Un-Godly. But hear me out…

When I was in high school, I was unbelievably insecure about my image, my abilities, and my relationships. I poured my heart and soul into my school work because I knew that at the end of those four years, I could hold onto the fact that I did well in school.¬†When you grow up worrying about what others think of you, and when you’re a girl surrounded by other girls, you have to cling to something. I clung to the fact that I could graduate with all As. I knew that that was ONE THING no one could take away from me. It was a plain, black and white thing.

During my 9th grade year, I began to feel the pressure to fit in and be “pretty.” I tried so hard to make myself look a certain way, talk a certain way, act a certain way, and be someone who God didn’t intend for me to be. I searched for ways to make my body look different than the way it was created. I starved myself to look like others, and I spent hours trying to fix my hair and clothes in a way that was trendy and made me feel like I belonged. It was during this dark, dark time that God used makeup.

It was in this freshman year of high school where I was forced to grow up when I didn’t really want to do so. My beloved sister and best friend moved 5 hours away, and though we kept in touch as much as we could (cell phones, texting, and social media didn’t exist!), there was still ¬†a hole that couldn’t be filled when she was in college. My best friend for almost 10 years moved 6 hours away and began a life that was something I knew I’d never attain. The person who filled her role moved several states away, and I don’t even know what his life is like anymore. My life as I knew it slowly chipped away, and I was forced to be an individual. I couldn’t rely on my sister to show me the ropes and allow me to follow her every step. I couldn’t hold hands with my best friend and face hard tasks with her by my side, and it seemed like I turned several corners only to be left stranded.

Let me interject and say that this year made me who I am. I am stronger because I was forced to make my own life and pave my own path. THIS year was at the hardest year. But THIS year was THE year I’ll always point to as the year that made me a Christian. I’m glad to say that 10 months later, I welcomed Jesus into my life at a Chrysalis retreat, and I’ll forever be grateful for the road that got me there.

Because I was so confused and young and scared and INSECURE, God used makeup.

When I was a senior, I was victimized in so many ways. I struggled IMMENSELY because again, my best friend and boyfriend at the time was in college. I was alone in high school, and I had to rely on girlfriends who I had never had to rely on before in my life. I looked forward to starting every day JUST to get it over with and move on to the next. There was not a single person in my school who wanted graduation to come more than I did. This year haunts me in so many ways. I was a victim of so many unfriendly and mean acts. I was broken, and I don’t remember a time when I cried so much. I still struggle with forgiveness because of this year. I know that if this year had been erased from my life, I would be a different person. God knew that I was in a hard moment and phase of my life where I had to decide that being alone and being an independent person, despite how FOREIGN that was for me, was my option and ultimately my saving grace. I had become a Christian and accepted Jesus into my life the summer before my sophomore year of high school, but it was during my senior year of high school that I realized that no matter what happened…my Christian walk was my own. I had to do it alone, and no matter what people said about me, what people did to me, and what people would ultimately scar me with for years to come….I could be a Christian still. I could rely on God because even through one of the most challenging years of my young life, I would survive because God used makeup.

College was truly (up to this point) the best time of my life. I feel like my college years were really fast. I was unmarried and in college for only two years before I married my high school sweetheart, settled down in our first home, and graduated early because again….my studies are what I had always clung to and knew I was very VERY good at doing. Three months after I graduated college and only three and a half years after high school, I was pregnant with our first daughter. We by no means expected our sweet girl to come this soon. We had a plan, but in my life, I knew plans were incredibly temporary and most always ditched really quickly. When we found out I was pregnant, neither of us had a job; we were totally broke; we had no insurance, and my husband was over two years from graduating with his degree. TALK ABOUT A SCARY POINT IN MY LIFE, but despite everything I wrote above….THIS was the HARDEST 9 month period of my life. The. Hardest. Not because I was pregnant and nauseous and scared and terrified and experiencing body changes and FREAKING TERRIFIED…but because I was totally confused. I didn’t know why God had brought me through the hardest four years of heartache, bullying, insecurity, and failure only to put me in a situation that now affected not only myself but those around me that I loved the MOST. It was truly at this point in my life that God used makeup.

I was fortunate to land the BEST job ever, and I began teaching at Central High School when I was six months pregnant. Julianne was born in November, and I only had 12 days of maternity leave, which actually ended up working out well because after the 12 days of leave, we went to Christmas break, so I ended up having almost 5 weeks home with my baby girl. I always wanted to work while I had children; it was something I felt strongly about, and I was driven and dedicated to continue my career while I had children. However, my mind and my heart suddenly took a turn, and going back to work in January and leaving her at home (though she was well taken care of) was a VERY huge heartbreak for me. I struggled every moment of every day I was away from her. I was so blessed to work in such an understanding environment and with people who worked so well with me during this time. Every morning when I woke up, I cried and dreaded getting in the car to leave her. I know I’ve said it before…but this is when God used makeup.

During one summer, my husband and I moved to Mansfield, Texas while he was in Physical Therapy rotations, and I lived with ¬†my 6 month old daughter in a house with some relatives. We mainly stayed upstairs by ourselves all day long, and I raised her basically on my own while he was at work and while we were 5 hours away from family. She learned to crawl in Mansfield; she learned her first few words; she learned to eat food, and it was during this time that we became best friends. She and I did everything together because I didn’t have time to make friends there, and I truly knew less than 5 people in this town. She and I would travel to the local Sephora every day; I’d buy a new product every day, come home, and while she napped, I would experiment with 3-4 different looks. I watched YouTube constantly and learned how to apply it on others. THIS was the time when God used makeup.

I worked for 18 months after having Julianne, and at that time, I was blessed with the opportunity to stay home with her and be a mommy to her and the second little girl that was growing in my tummy. I felt so fortunate for this opportunity, and it is still something I never take for granted. My second little angel was born in December of 2014, and it was a rough first three months. She and Julianne both caught several bugs and viruses that caused some intense heartache and terror. When you have a Winter baby, you try everything you possibly can to protect them from the world. When you have a Winter baby born into the worst flu and cold season in the past decade, try as you might…you will not be able to protect them from everything. Throughout this time, I was still recovering from delivery, and I sunk into a very deep postpartum depression and anxiety-driven life. I lost all of my baby weight plus 10 pounds in 2 months. I didn’t have the energy to eat. I didn’t leave my house for 27 days straight, and I stayed up for HOURS every night and counted the coughs that each of my children made. I was completely driven by the sicknesses that had infested our household, and I could not pry myself from the terror that one of them could get very sick…very quickly. It spiraled out of my control, but because I was SO FOCUSED on getting them better and being the stay at home mom that I had dreamt so long of being, I couldn’t recognize the sickness that was so GREATLY affecting me. Thank GOD for my family, my doctors, and my sweet friends for caring, talking, and loving me through this time. I truly know that God placed each of them in my life early on so that when this point came, I would not be alone. After an intervention with my loved ones, I took care of myself first, which made me a better wife, a better mom, and ultimately, the best version of my Christian self that I’ve ever been. And believe it or not….this is the time when God used makeup.


You’re probably wondering HOW IN THE WORLD God used makeup to save me from all of these small, mini life disasters. The truth is….God instilled a love and a talent with makeup in me when I was very young. I never knew that it was there, and I never knew He was the reason it was there until I started to think back at my life and how I was able to “pull myself out” of the dark holes that body image, bullying, depression, and anxiety had drug me into. When I thought back, I realized that it was always at the turning point of these moments that makeup came back into my life in a NEW way that gave me inspiration, hope, and joy.

When I was struggling with body image and starvation, God showed me that makeup was FUN! I was absolutely terrible at applying it, but I would spend hours in drugstores walking up and down the aisles, learning the new products, spending a few dollars here and there to create looks that probably looked horrible on me. But God used that medium to give me joy and excitement when I needed it.

When I was struggling with being a victim, God introduced makeup to me again and showed me that through this medium I could grow in a way that I never knew was possible. He started blessing me with talents in certain areas that allowed me to use this makeup in One Act Play and other activities that called for this talent and gave me joy again and the respect from people who benefited from this talent.

When I was pregnant with Julianne and didn’t know how we were going to make ends meet, God showed me YouTube and makeup videos and gave me a glimpse of what my life could be like if I worked super hard and utilized the talents he laid in me when I was young. He introduced me to new brands and new people that would shape this part of my life and show me a way to use a God-given ability to help others feel GREAT and feel JOY about themselves on special occasions and every day life.

When I went back to work with Julianne, God re-introduced the use of makeup to me and gave me a reason to smile every morning when I woke up instead of absolutely dreading the next 8 hours. I SO loved putting my makeup on each morning that though I still hated to leave her, I at least had a reason to wake up and get the day started.

When we lived in Mansfield, God kept me company with makeup and spent months with me working on how to really perfect and hone skills that He had instilled in me a long time ago. This is the time He taught me how to apply it on others, and it was at this point that He started truly changing a part of my life that would end up being more than just a hobby.

When I was in a deep, dark depression, God knew that the talent and the excitement and the joy He used through makeup in years and moments past were tools¬†that He could use to help me find the peace and the light again. He introduced me to YouTube again. He welcomed me to a world of makeup that changed my life…again. He made me more of a professional and gave me the strength and the courage to be my most vulnerable self and open myself up to suggestion, to criticism, and to PURE happiness. He gave me a part of my life that was just my own again. No one could take it from me. I didn’t need to depend on anyone to have this part of my life. THIS PART of makeup was my own, and He knew it was what I needed to heal the deep holes that had been dug so harshly in my heart, my mind, and my relationship with Him.

God used makeup to save my life. I encourage you to look at your life and try to find what God is using in you to save you…no matter how superficial the world tells you it is. When GOD uses it…it is so far from superficial, petty, or small. It is real. As Romans 10: 12-13 states, “The same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses those who call on Him. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” No matter how He chooses to save you…know without a doubt that when you are saved…it was most DEFINITELY because of Him, and when you truly allow yourself to think about it…this SAVING GRACE began long ago…I guarantee it.

I will never allow others to make me feel ashamed for my use of makeup. Many may find it superficial, and in so many ways, I understand that, but I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that God placed this talent and this joy in my life to save me from the evils of the world that haunted me for so long. He used it to remind me that BEAUTY…TRUE beauty in Christ…means more. It means more than the words that hurt so much more than sticks and stones. It means more than the sadness and feelings of inadequacy. It means more than anxiety of uncontrollable circumstances.

God used makeup. He used it to pull me into a happier and more trusting relationship with Him. And so all products and tools aside, I am grateful for His mysterious work. He’s a GREAT God, and for the rest of my days, in all that I do and in all that I am…I will forever give glory to Him. Amen.



My Current Obsession: Wild Texas Soaps

Many of you watched my last favorites video…January Favorites 2015 where I went on and on about my ¬†newest obsession – Wild Texas Soaps. If you missed the video, check it out below:

One of my old classmates from elementary, junior high, and high school has started her own company…right here in my hometown of SAN ANGELO, TEXAS! How cool is that?!? Darian Chavez is the owner and creator of Wild Texas Soaps, an organic soap brand that creates the coolest and freshest smelling soaps ever! She started her company for a few reasons, but the main one being she needed to find a solution to her son’s eczema. She discovered that goat’s milk helped heal his skin irritation and developed her own concoctions to help him! My nephew suffers greatly from eczema, and my sister is constantly searching for solutions to this horrible skin issue. When Darian reached out to me to see if I’d like to try her soaps, I agreed for a couple of reasons: 1) I’m all about supporting moms who are trying to make create a company for themselves, and 2) I was genuinely interested in trying a product that was natural and created for dry skin issues.

And did I mention Darian is in the United States Air Force and has been since we were in high school?! She’s a rockstar and deserves much more than a pat on the back. I admire you, Darian….keep rocking life, girl. You ARE my hero.

Let me say one thing….if you don’t read the rest of this post, know this: THIS. STUFF. IS. AMAZING.

 I started off with four products to try. Here they are:

Gulf Coast Coconut Soap Bar

Sunny Honeysuckle Soap Bar

Lil’ Lavender Body Wash

Southern Vanilla Body Wash (Spoiler Alert! This is my fave!!)


Gulf Coast Coconut Soap Bar


Sunny Honeysuckle Soap Bar


Lil’ Lavender Body Wash


Southern Vanilla Body Wash

So after trying all the products for a few weeks, I was hooked. I intend to purchase MANY more of these products. I will start by purchasing the body wash version of the Sunny Honeysuckle! It smells so amazing.


Let’s do a brief review of each product, shall we?

First up….the Gulf Coast Coconut Soap Bar:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 9.36.39 AM.png

This awesome soap bar has ground hazelnuts in it that exfoliate the skin! I LOVE that! This is the perfect soap bar to prep your skin for a spray tan. The exfoliants will flake off dead layers of skin so that the tan can sink deep into the skin for a good glow. Plus, it smells like a tropical island, which is perfect for that spray tan application and will help cancel out any burn smell that spray tans can sometimes create. I’m obsessed with how fresh and clean and moisturized this exfoliating bar gives. I truly think this should be a staple in all skincare routines.


Next up…the Sunny Honeysuckle Soap Bar:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 9.35.34 AM

The best part about this bar is the smell. Like I said in my video, if I could just set this soap bar out in my house as a candle, I would. It smells delicious. Like all her soaps, this one includes that awesome Goat’s Milk and shea butter. But this one is special. This is the soap Darian created to help with her son’s eczema. She includes Calendula petals, which helps with skin irritation and inflammation. The petals combined with the goat’s milk makes this soap INCREDIBLY hydrating and moisturizing. This is probably the most hydrating soap BAR that I’ve ever used. Ever….which is why I want to desperately try it in the body wash because I assume it will be fantastic.


Third up….the Lil’ Lavender Body Wash:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 9.47.08 AM.png

I got this one for a solitary reason…I suffer GREATLY from migraines. When I have a migraine occur, I lather myself, my bath, and my sheets in lavender. Lavender oil. Lavender soap. Lavender bath salts. Lavender lotion. I also shove tylenol and water down my throat, and eventually, the headache subsides. I was intrigued by this wash because of the Avocado oil that is infused to help with mental and physical recuperation. Note: I will NOT use this soap if I don’t have a headache, but that’s only because I’ve associated this smell with headaches, so it kind of turns me off unless I have one…then I crave it! Is that weird? Probably so. But if you’re looking for a lavender wash that smells fresh and clean and super duper lavender-y…this one’s your guy!


Last up….my all time favorite….Southern Vanilla Body Wash:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 9.50.20 AM.png

Okay, I’m obsessed. I’ve used that word approximately 25 times so far, but it’s the truth. This soap rocks my world. I loveeeeee how soft it is. I don’t know if I’ve ever described a body wash as “soft,” but it’s the perfect word. It’s so unbelievably hydrating and has the softest scent alive. It’s so fresh yet so warm. It’s so strong yet so subtle. It’s unbelievable. I’ve always been a vanilla-loving girl, but over the last couple of years, I’ve gravitated more towards fresher, floral scents. I think this soap is the perfect bridge between warm and fresh. It’s amazing. Like all her body washes, it includes goat’s milk; thus, it does not lather up that much, which I’m TOTALLY FINE WITH! I don’t like soaps that lather up a ton (unless it’s shampoo) because I feel like it doesn’t sink into my skin as much. I prefer non-lathering hand soaps at all of my house sinks, and so when I found out that these washes didn’t lather, I knew I’d appreciate that aspect. It’s truly amazing….and psst….I’ll let you in on a little secret. Darian said she’s in the works to create a body butter in this scent. Stop. Stop what you’re doing and take a moment to ponder the brilliance in that last statement. I love body butter. And I love this scent. I will be hooked. Period.


If you’re as intrigued as I am by this incredible company, I encourage you to check it out! Here’s the info:


Wild Texas Soaps

(940) 441-7627



Mackenzie Holik


I have found the jeans which my soul loves.

What a silly title, but I can’t express enough the joy I have found in my jeans….okay, maybe that sounds even sillier.

Ok ladies…truth or no truth – jean shopping is the WORST! I remember when my mom used to take my sister and me shopping a few weeks before school each summer, and the thought of trying on jean after jean wore us out. It got even WORSE as we hit high school and got the constant comments: “could your jeans sit any lower?” “did you actually pay money for those holes; I could have cut those myself!” and of course…”why do they make jeans that don’t cover your butt anymore?!”

In the grand scheme of it all, those people making those comments were so right! My high school jeans are embarrassing, haha! But on the other hand, THERE WERE NO OTHER OPTIONS. I remember wearing these American Eagle Artist jeans for YEARRSSSSS (even up to about 2 years ago!). Then I got pregnant. And you know that story…you can fit into your regular, non-pregnancy jeans until you’re about 20 weeks and make them work with a hair tie or a belly band, but when your regular, non-pregnancy jeans barely cover your butt anyway….you’re in trouble.


Yes. I found the jeans which my soul loves while I was pregnant. And yes…they were maternity jeans. Good news is…THEY MAKE REGULAR, NON-MATERNITY JEANS, TOO! I ordered (or rather my mom ordered because she’s the best mom in the whole entire universe) a pair of maternity jeans from 7 for All Mankind, and they changed my world. I loved wearing those jeans while pregnant, and the Christmas gift I asked for that year (note: Christmas was 4 weeks after having my first daughter) was a pair of regular ones! I still have them, and they’re my best friend.

7 for All Mankind jeans are NOT your “barely cover your butt,” “holy and unattractive,” “way too washed out” jeans. These jeans are the BOMB. I wear mid-rise jeans now…not because I’m a mom and feel like I need to be frumpy, but rather because THEY HIDE YOUR TUMMY. And let’s be real…unless you’re 13 years old and haven’t experienced real life or Chick-fil-A on a regular basis…you have a little tummy. It’s ok. It’s part of life, and I think it’s quite beautiful.

These mid-rise jeans give me life. They cover up and hide all my insecurities; I never have to worry about gaping in the back; I’m always feeling like I am dressed in an appropriate way that is respectable both for my age and for the fact that I’ve had two kids AND MOST IMPORTANTLY for the fact that I’m a woman who respects the idea that ALL women are beautiful and deserve to feel that way. I know it’s crazy for me to say that my jeans do that for me, but….they do.

Oh! And did I mention that they are SO easy to shop for?!?! Like…they all fit. All the styles. They fit. I’m a skinny jeans wearing girl. I like a skinny fit because I can wear flats and boots and tennis shoes, and they all look good. I DO own a boot cut in these jeans, and when I cuff them, they look awesome. I also own a boyfriend style jean (my absolute favorite because it’s like wearing the jean version of yoga pants), and I love how easy they are to dress up or down on the daily.

Okay, so what’s the downside to these jeans? Let’s be honest for a quick minute. These jeans are pricey. They just are. There’s no good way to say it, but I would rather invest money into 4 pairs of jeans that will NOT fade…will NOT tear…will NOT wear down and WILL¬†make me feel like a million bucks than spend $20 on a pair of jeans that I’ll need to replace in 6 months. Look….ask for one pair for your birthday and one pair for Christmas for 2 years, and you’re set for life. Like I’m not even joking. And if you buy here in San Angelo, you can catch them on sale from time to time and grab a pair for a GREAT discount!

Elizabeth Coleman at Gypsy Trunk in San Angelo will get you set up in a HEARTBEAT and will let you know asap if she ever has a sale that will benefit you.

So let’s see pictures so you can tell EXACTLY what I’m talking about…Here are the ones I own:

7 For All Mankind Jeans | The Josefina Skinny Boyfriend

I LOVE the style of these jeans! They’re so easy to throw an on easy tee, chucks, and just a dab of makeup and GO! They’re the yoga pants of the jeans world. Boyfriend jeans are MEANT to fit loose. They’re tighter at the ankle but still not tight, and they usually have some added wear and tear to them to give them a much more casual feel. I love them. Boyfriend jeans aren’t for everyone, but if you like this style, you’ll LOVE this brand. I would recommend going 2 sizes down in this style because they can be a bit baggy on top.

7 For All Mankind Jeans | Kimmie Straight Leg

These are my ONLY bootcut jeans. I always cuff them because I’m short and have found that my legs look a bit longer if you can see an inch or so of my ankle. I feel it is a much slimmer look, and it saves the bottom of my jeans from being worn and torn to shreds. Yes, I could get them altered to my height, but I really like the look of a cuffed jean more. Ok so….these jeans are the ones I get the MOST compliments in from strangers. I’ve had so many women come up to me in the store to ask where I got my jeans because it is SO HARD to find boot cut jeans that aren’t low rise or inappropriate. These jeans are the BOMB! My husband loves them, too….can you guess why? ūüėČ

7 For All Mankind Jeans | The Ankle Skinny

Ok let me explain the best part about these Ankle Skinnies. THEY ACTUALLY HIT AT THE ANKLE! Yes, I’m short, so I still have to cuff about an inch, but they are NOT made to go below your ankle, which is the coolest thing ever because as you know…it’s impossible to find ankle skinny jeans that actually look GOOD! I have this lighter wash because I enjoy the casual look they offer. They are definitely my more “everyday” jean because they go with tee shirts, but they also look nice with a casual blouse. I’m telling you…the versatility of this brand is unreal. These were my first pair of skinnies from 7FAM, and I’m obsessed with them.

7 For All Mankind Jeans | The Mid-Rise Ankle Skinny

Ok THESE ARE MY MOST WORN JEANS! I absolutely cannot get enough of these jeans. They’re mid-rise, which may turn people off for like a second, but then….you put them on and OH MY GOODNESS….you instantly lose 5 pounds and you NEVER worry about revealing things you don’t want to reveal…oh and yes, they’re an ankle skinny, too! The dark wash in these jeans are a little bit more “dressy,” but I’ve been known to throw a tee shirt on with it and go. Seriously…these are the best jeans ever. I would suggest you buy these FIRST. And my husband loves these as well (probably for the same reason as the ones above ;))!


Okay, so I wrote this post on a Thursday, took pictures on Friday, and during one of my outfit changes on Friday, I checked Facebook to see that Elizabeth at Gypsy Trunk posted that all her 7s were on sale for 40% OFF! I was so excited, so I ran down there and grabbed two more styles! Check these out!

The Super Skinny                       The Mid-Rise Super Skinny

I tried them on in the store, and they were fantastic, but since I haven’t had any wear with them yet, I can’t give a full review. But that’s what is best about this brand of jean. It literally took me about 10-15 minutes to grab my size, try them on, and go. Who can say they got 2 perfectly fitted pairs of jeans in 10-15 minutes…..ever?! These are the best things ever in life. Ever. (I know….that’s enough evers, right?! K, I’m done.)

Oh ps Рthey have a website!



**I am not affiliated with Gypsy Trunk, 7 For AllMankind, or any other boutique who carries this brand. All words mentioned above are my sole, honest opinions. I was not compensated for any words said.**


Fall Makeup Look

Fall Makeup Tutorial.jpg

Fall Makeup Look|Click Here

I’m so excited to be back in front of the camera! I missed you guys! I love Fall because of the beautiful warm colors, and I created this look to incorporate my favorites: orange, cranberry, & gold! I LOVE this easy makeup look that is so easy to achieve! Let me know what you think in the comments below, please subscribe, and give it a thumbs up! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!
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I’m so excited to let you in on a few new pages to my website! Check out the FAQs or the Services page to preview what exactly I do and how I do it. ¬†I know there are many of you out there who have questions with beauty and with how to contact me if you want to consult. ¬†I get texts, Facebook messages, or emails daily¬†with questions regarding things with beauty. ¬†I try to respond to ALL of them in a timely manner, but I know some get washed in the pile, and I don’t want to leave you out of the loop! Hopefully these two pages can offer some answers to some of the questions you may have. ¬†Of course, if you don’t see the answer to your question here, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me via email {} or the contact box on each of the pages.

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