Stella & Dot Trunk Shows

I always have so many people ask…what does it mean to host a trunk show? And in so many ways, that’s such a hard question to answer! Not because the answer is difficult and the task of hosting is hard, but because it’s so hard to explain to a hostess how AWESOME it is to host a show! I feel like people have this misconceived idea that hosting a show means you’re locked into something or you’re going to be “that friend” that invites you to a girls’ night with wine, punch, a plate of goodies, and good conversations (wait a minute…that doesn’t sound so bad, huh 😉 ?!). But I promise you…hosting a show means these things:

1) You invite some of your girlfriends over for a fun night! You get to catch up, share stories again, drink your favorite drinks, snack on your favorite snacks, introduce each other to new friends, and oh yeah! shop from my Stella & Dot display!

2) At the end of the night, you get SHOWERED in hostess rewards. Most hostesses receive $250+ in free jewelry and bags plus 4 items half off! Literally, it’s the easiest way to reward yourself in free accessories for really just doing something that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time…HANG OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!

So before I tried to answer that question again, I did a little photoshoot to give you an idea of how fun getting styled with your girlfriends really is! Take a peek and let me know what you think….oh and ps – if you see anything you just HAVE TO HAVE…let me know! I can hook you up (or I can help you get it for free, too! ;))




See?!?! Doesn’t that look like fun and super low-key? I promise you…hosting a show isn’t scary; it isn’t overwhelming, and it IS a great night with your friends! Contact me if you want to host a show, or if this job seems super fun to you (believe me…it is!) let me know! I’d love to help you begin a new job that is flexible, easy to earn money with, and of course…comes with AWESOME FREE JEWELS!





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